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July 19, 2013
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The Long Awaited Part2 to BTT X Reader- My Savior

~14 years Later~

Gilbert stared at his beautiful daughter in pride. In just a few minutes, she would walk across that stage to receive her diploma. Antonio and Francis sat next to him smiling like idiots. Then the moment Gilbert has been waiting for happened. The announcer called her name.

“Last but not least _______ Beilschmidt” She stood up and very gracefully walked up to center stage. The man handed her a piece of paper; but as she was about to walked off stage, he stopped her. He spoke into the microphone and said, “Now a message from your class president.”

The whole student body erupted in applause and glee. Gilbert, Antonio, and Francis all jumped up and whooped and hollered. ______ simply face-palmed as everyone, literally everybody, turned to stare at her crazy dad and his friends. But that awesome smile never left her face as she pulled out a piece of notebook paper.

She cleared her throat and tapped the microphone. Then she started to speak, “Good afternoon, my fellow classmates and families. I’m am ______ Beilschmidt, the Senior Class President. I hope everyone enjoyed this past year, because I know I have!” Everyone cheered and she paused for a moment. “Each and every one of us has a bundle of greatness lying within us. Now all we have to do is reach for it. I want all of us to come back here in 10 years and brag to each other about the awesomeness we have done!” She stepped away from the microphone and the whole student body stood up and threw their hats into the air._______ giggled and threw her hat into the air.  

Eventually all of the seniors left with their families, leaving Gilbert, Antonio, Francis, and _______. Gilbert strode over to _______. A confused look crossed his face as he saw _____ trembling. Without asking, he pulled her into a tight hug. He knew that look when he saw her face. She was upset. Upset, about what though.

“What is wrong, ______? Gilbert asked, while still holding her.

“I don’t want to go; I don’t want to leave this place, or you.” ______ mumbled into Gilbert’s chest.

“But honey, I thought you were excited about finally graduating high school.” Gilbert pulled away to look at her face.

“I am, but this is really of the end of my childhood right here, right now.” Antonio and Francis walked up behind Gilbert and smiled.

“No it isn’t, ______. Hell this is the best part of childhood!” Antonio said happily. Everyone turned to the Spanish man confused, and then a feminine giggle broke out. Startled Gilbert, Antonio and Francis turned back to _______.

“Maybe you’re right, Antonio!” ______ grabbed Gilbert’s hand and run out of the gym. “Come on, Dad! We gotta go celebrate!” She turned her head to look at her dad, tears ran down his cheeks. Yet he was still happily smiling.

“Wait for us, guys! It isn’t a party without the whole Bad Touch Trio there!” Francis yelled to them. Instead of stopping, _______ stuck out her tongue and yelled, “Shot Gun!” Antonio ran after them, determined to beat _____ to the car.

Gilbert silently thought to himself, ‘I am so blessed to have _______. To think of a life without her is impossible. Everything about her is perfect and I’m glad she is my savior.’
Please say thanks to :iconkay111112: She donated the points for the ending chapter. Sorry it's short, I have been having massive writer block on how to end the story.

Part 1: lilykilpatrickart.deviantart.c...
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Aww... if my sister hadn't just had both a physical and verbal fight with me (both of which I won) I would be crying happily.
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*Long deep sniffle* I hugged my laptop screen somewhat crying while whimpering "Daddy..." while my Dad was just sitting there next to me
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Funny how did a child moms die and prussia find them and nobody ask the police or something about her?!?!?!?
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This is one of those stories where you should be happy that didn't happen
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